Cuba Fantastico!

Started off my trip to Key West with no problems on flights and got there and just had to go eat a hogfish sandwich.

Having my hogfish sandwich at Hogfish Grill in Key West! Mmm…

Next onto the marina to get on my ride and home for the next week. And meet up with the whole group going to Cuba with us for the next week.

It was a beautiful night at the marina, early morning wake up to leave for Cuba. At 4:10 am, Key West time, we cast dock lines bound for Havana… Yes… A nap is definitely on the horizon!! Beautiful night with full moon lighting the water and flat seas…

I’m under the ship wheel picture looking at the full moon!

Here’s our course to Havana from Key West.. I know it’s a bit blurry, but you get the gist of a straight shot there!


We had a wonderful time in Havana, Cuba for the week! Got back to Stock Island after a long rough sea day!


Cuba trip Fantastico!!! Check out all the pictures….

View out my cabin window… Usually minus Gina!


First sunset on the crossing…

Arriving at Hemmingway Marina outside Havana.


Second sunset from the marina in Cuba..


Looking up the street to the capital…


Don’t remember what this picture was from.


Troy, Denise and Sam around the town.


Old guy and old building….


Me and Ernie..


Fortress at Havana..


Atop the Hemmingway Hotel.. with friends


Great food.. You know me and food!

Hotel Nationalle…


Canal up into residential area..


Third sunset and our yacht hotel “Bikini”


My new backup band… Mulligan and White are fired!


Check out this guy! We ate some too…


Ceynote Cuevas Pesces

Cien Fuegos on southern side of Cuba. Beautiful and clean countryside with horse drawn buggys, cattle and agriculture..


Yacht Club there!



Made it back, entering Stock Island Marina.. We have landed!

It was a totally wonderful trip, now back to Texas!!

See you all soon-Kelly!






Continuing my NorthWest Tour in ID!


I headed out from Whidbey Island after a great week of painting!

Here is some of my work from an evening in Bowman Bay…

Here’s a sunset from Whidbey Island when I finished painting and also check out my new friend that I met in Montana!

Headed to Coeur d’Alene for a show and had a great turn out and lots of fun!

Thanks to Marty Reighard for setting up the show and also taking me fishing and camping for a couple of days.

We fished the Joe out of St Regis MT from Idaho to Montana to Idaho in one day.. Then over Bitterroot Mts. back to Montana then back to Coeur d’Alene Idaho the next day! Marty and I camped overnight and fished two days. Great trip…

As I headed to McCall, ID I stopped to paint the river…

And then this morning pilot Mike flew us over the mountains and into Sulfur Creek Ranch for breakfast! Then flew  to Johnson Creek.. Only accessible by air!

Shows tonight in McCall, ID hosted by John & Sherry Burke and tomorrow in Boise, ID for the TVPHC Summer Concert Series!

Keep checking back, still have quite a bit planned for the next few weeks. Will be in WY and CO before I head back to Texas!



My Northwest Tour!

NW Tour 1Started out mid afternoon from Texas on my Northwest Tour! You know how much I like to get out of Texas during the summer to escape the heat.

This is the first mountain in New Mexico.. On my way thru CO, UT, ID and OR to Olympia, WA for Show at Laid Back Attack! My tour bus – aka Town n Country minivan with stick family on the back – is loaded for concerts, painting & fly fishing!!

NW tour 2

Saw  some Pronghorn antelope outside Raton! Was at 6600 ft elevation…

NW tour 3

Made it to Colorado, went over Monarch Pass, CO at 11,300 ft elevation and 58 degrees! Met with excellent painter Joshua Been at his Salida gallery and… Had a great visit with my Salida friends, David & Ronnie after we bumped into each other at a café on the river!

This is the Arkansas River in Salida, CO! Went thru Utah, and it was 40 degrees in the morning…

NW tour

Made it to Idaho! I was just in Idaho about a week ago. Going through now.. And back there in for some shows in Coeur d’Alene, McCall and Boise!

Made it to Washington! Almost to Laid Back Attack… Live on stage!!


On stage

In Olympia, WA with Sunny Jim and Mark Mulligan! Headed to Whidbey Island after this…

Elephant seal on Whidbey Island Beach in Mutiny Bay!


Got to watch Regatta week on Whidbey Island while having mussels! Cool breeze…

Painted at Rosario Beach WA!

traveling mini van

My traveling Art and Music Show…! More to come while I paint, sing and fly fish on my NW tour! Will be heading to ID in a few days….












Painting trip to WY!

Headed to WY to paint and fish. Feels funny with backpack on instead of my guitar! Going to a workshop at Scott Christensen Studio in Victor, ID…


Finally made it to WY, after numerous problems with the airlines. Starting with flight in Houston, the gate would not let go of the plane. So was delayed and missed my flight in Dallas. Had to go and stay at a hotel in Dallas and back to airport the next morning. Next morning, they delay us again because the plane was too big to land in WY! Can you believe it, how did they not know… Had to change terminals and  finally left Dallas for WY.. And of course what else could happen, my bags went to Chicago, so have to go back later to pick them up. But I made it to WY!

Jackson WY 1

Arrived in Jackson, to a cool and beautiful day! Can’t wait to start painting…

I was in Kelly, WY today in Grand Teton Park. Turned into a cold evening. But it’s my kind of town..View off my porch… Horses, cattle and elk. And the Tetons!


Up in Teton National Park looking down into canyon and river. It was a beautiful day for painting…

At the workshop, after dinner someone went to get a guitar and I did about 6 songs in Scott’s studio. Impromptu concert after dinner for our workshop group at renown artist/painter Scott Christensen. You can see some of his paintings in the wonderful studio.

Back in Wyoming! Victor, Idaho and Grand Targee were amazing.

WY painting

Coming over the pass into Jackson, WY from Idaho.

Morning painting from above Wilson, WY. Then had a chorizo breakfast at Nora!…

Panang salmon

Mmm… Panang salmon at Teton Thai in the Village! It was great. You all know that it’s all  about the food….

Well it’s time for me to head back to Houston. Ate good buttermilk pancakes at the airport… now if my flights go ok! It is a beautiful morning… colorful clouds. I don’t usually get to see 5 am!

sunrise in Jackson


Wouldn’t you know it my flight was delayed and I missed my connecting flight to Houston. Had to be put on a later flight…. But it was a great trip and I enjoyed getting back to painting.



Kelly McGuire presents check to Boys & Girls Harbour

Boys and Girls Harbour

As part of Kelly McGuire’s silent auction that is held each year raises money to benefit the Boys & Girls Harbor Music Program. This year’s event raised $1000 and the check was presented by Kelly McGuire to Richard Gruen, Director of Development and Communications at Frenchies Restaurant in Clear Lake. We would like to thank the fans for supporting this great charity. 
Information about Boys & Girls Harbor can be found at and Kelly McGuire- Redfish Island Records at

Left to right
Frankie Camera -Owner of Frenchies Restaurant, Kelly McGuire-Redfish Island Music, Richard Gruen- Boys & Girls Harbor, Sandy Records- Redfish Island Music

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