Painting trip to WY!

Headed to WY to paint and fish. Feels funny with backpack on instead of my guitar! Going to a workshop at Scott Christensen Studio in Victor, ID…


Finally made it to WY, after numerous problems with the airlines. Starting with flight in Houston, the gate would not let go of the plane. So was delayed and missed my flight in Dallas. Had to go and stay at a hotel in Dallas and back to airport the next morning. Next morning, they delay us again because the plane was too big to land in WY! Can you believe it, how did they not know… Had to change terminals and  finally left Dallas for WY.. And of course what else could happen, my bags went to Chicago, so have to go back later to pick them up. But I made it to WY!

Jackson WY 1

Arrived in Jackson, to a cool and beautiful day! Can’t wait to start painting…

I was in Kelly, WY today in Grand Teton Park. Turned into a cold evening. But it’s my kind of town..View off my porch… Horses, cattle and elk. And the Tetons!


Up in Teton National Park looking down into canyon and river. It was a beautiful day for painting…

At the workshop, after dinner someone went to get a guitar and I did about 6 songs in Scott’s studio. Impromptu concert after dinner for our workshop group at renown artist/painter Scott Christensen. You can see some of his paintings in the wonderful studio.

Back in Wyoming! Victor, Idaho and Grand Targee were amazing.

WY painting

Coming over the pass into Jackson, WY from Idaho.

Morning painting from above Wilson, WY. Then had a chorizo breakfast at Nora!…

Panang salmon

Mmm… Panang salmon at Teton Thai in the Village! It was great. You all know that it’s all  about the food….

Well it’s time for me to head back to Houston. Ate good buttermilk pancakes at the airport… now if my flights go ok! It is a beautiful morning… colorful clouds. I don’t usually get to see 5 am!

sunrise in Jackson


Wouldn’t you know it my flight was delayed and I missed my connecting flight to Houston. Had to be put on a later flight…. But it was a great trip and I enjoyed getting back to painting.



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